Letter: No crime commited, but Wine still punished

I read Larry Esmonde’s recent letter about Doug Wine. He hit the nail on the head, as the saying goes. I have also read “The Strange Case of Dr. Wine” by Brice Brenneman. I urge you to go to eBay, get a copy and read it.

This involves an ordinary citizen who had his life turned upside down by a vindictive mother-in-law. No crime was committed, but Doug got caught up in something out of the “Twilight Zone” TV show. An overzealous lie detector operator was going to get a confession at any cost. A sheriff’s department investigator did a sloppy job. A prosecutor was determined to convict without any real evidence. The worst part was the judge realized there wasn’t a chance for a conviction on the original charge, so he changed the charge to get a guilty verdict.

Doug was labeled a sex offender even though he was completely innocent. Sex offenders are required to check in with the sheriff’s office regularly. Doug never had a parole officer to check in with. After 10 years of no repeat offenses, a person can do 15 hours of counseling with a psychiatrist and normally get their name removed from the list. He did the 15 hours with Scott Delong in Greenville. Scott had done six of these counseling before with 100% success. Not in Doug’s case though. There was a mysterious report from the probation department that the judge said was cause not to take him off of the offender list.

This is just another gut punch to an innocent man from a judge and prosecutor trying to save face from their mishandling of Doug’s case from the start. Someone in the county or state legal system needs to review this case from the beginning. It sure stinks.

Leslie Long



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