Letter: Daughter’s school punishment unjust

In November, even though my daughter has academic and social challenges, she mustered the courage to address the Elida school board about the district’s bathroom policy and the related harassment she had received from both a teacher and principal. Her public remarks set the stage for retaliation.

In December, she took a small carton of wine to school — her only school offense of this nature, ever. She was immediately suspended for 10 days and expelled for 20 days, for a total of 30 days out of school. The other student was suspended for 10 days.

Six days after being re-admitted to school, a new punishment was added: She was arbitrarily barred from all extracurricular activities for an additional 12 months, even though she attended school, practice and made the team.

It is important to know that the Elida Local Schools Extracurricular Activity Handbook was changed (after the fact) to enhance and extend the punishment of one student, my child. There was no public discussion, no public vote and no district notice to parents. Such vindictiveness should be of great concern to all parents. Why? If school rules and policies can be secretly changed and used to deliberately harm my child, your child or grandchild is at risk of being harmed, too.

Since the administration took actions that deliberately hindered my child’s education, I appealed to the school board, but my efforts have been dismissed. I urge parents to vote for board members who will prioritize education over retribution.

Sarah Mack



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