Letter: Democrats should keep supporting Joe Biden

I am somewhat disappointed in some of our Democrat officials for calling for our President to remove himself from office.

What happened to loyalty? We are all together with him.

Why don’t the elected officials understand that he was returning from a foreign trip and had to prepare for the debate. I also heard he had a cold, but he showed up and did his best. How many of us at any age, 20 or 80, could pass a test like that?

I am for him because I believed in him and still do. I’m going to work like hell for him to win the election because I believe he is the best choice for me and my future. I hope we Democrats remember to vote, tell our families and friends to register if they’ve not done so yet.

We can win again as long as we are determined, and remember what’s at stake — for all of us.

Mary Williamson



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