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Trinko Thinks So

Hear stories about family life and interesting local personalities from editor David Trinko.

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David Trinko: A year of listening to one another


As a new year rolls into our lives Monday, we’ll all spend this weekend contemplating what improvements or changes we might need to make into our lives.

David Trinko: One last blast for Crosshairs Lima


LIMA — When Crosshairs Lima opened back in December 2015, the owners weren’t sure what kind of people might use the paintball facility.

David Trinko: Passion for news brings me back


If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life, the old adage claims.

David Trinko: Goodbye from a longtime journalist


Way back in the fourth grade, I started working at my first newspaper.

David Trinko: The value of working together


My children’s earliest memories likely include a silly ritual that shows we’re all in this together.

David Trinko: Dad’s just along for the ride


It’s not where you take your children that matters. It’s where they take you.

David Trinko: Remember why they really will miss you


My wife started verbalizing all the things she had to do the night before she left on a once-in-a-lifetime vacation with her mother and sister.

David Trinko: Forgiven late fees at library are great idea


You don’t have to avoid your local librarian like she’s a debt collector anymore.

David Trinko: The rare lazy day of summer


It finally happened!

David Trinko: Mountain of memories in the old newsroom


I strolled through my memories while walking in the old Lima News building on Elida Road for the last time earlier this week.