Letter: GOP outlines sinister goals in Project 2025

The Republican Project 2025 plan lays out exactly what they will do in the next Republican administration. You WILL see these changes.

First, they will make it illegal to obtain an abortion in the country. No matter if the mother’s health is at risk, she will just have to die to birth that child. Contraception is also at risk. Clarence Thomas has said as much.

This court has been so partisan in its decisions, that it cannot be respected anymore. In fact, why are we even talking about balancing the court? They are in this position to interpret the law, not to make decisions based on their political preference. They have been delaying some decisions until after the election so that it will not hurt the party.

Project 2025 is a 900-page document outlining what will happen in the next Republican administration. It gives the president more power to change the law, allowing the executive decisions to be more broadly used. It changes the balance of power we now have in our government. Say goodbye to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. They are on the chopping block.

White Nationalist Speaker Mike Johnson is now working on a plan to let Steve Bannon go free. Congress should be working for all of us, not for a convicted fraudster.

If you like living in a Democracy, then vote Blue down the ballet. If Trump wins, it will be difficult to get our Democracy back.

Sherri Eley



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