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Letter: Broken press spelled the end for newspaper


I was a part of The Lima News for most of my life. I had five family members and me who worked there — three in the pressroom and three in what we called the mailroom, even thou it wasn’t mail.

Cleveland Plain Dealer: Keep affordable housing tax credits in the budget. The need is...


Ohio has a pressing need for more affordable housing for low-income families and mothers with children. A shocking 25% of Ohio renters are “severely cost burdened,” cleveland.com’s Jake Zuckerman reports, citing state data. What that means in plain English is that more than half what they earn goes to put a roof over their heads and pay utilities. Even worse, there are not enough affordable and available rentals for low-income Ohioans — less than one-third of what’s needed by the state’s extremely low-income renters and slightly more than three-quarters of what low-income renters need.

Letter: Food as dangerous to you as guns are


In his May 20 letter, Carl Liechty lamented the fact that there were 40,000 gun deaths in the U.S. last year, a truly black mark on a nation of 330 million. His conclusion, based on his analysis, was that guns are the problem, not the mental health of the individual using the weapon.

Letter: Grateful for all the Mother’s Day events


The Mother’s Day week in Lima had so much to offer.

Letter: New chance for daily corporal work of mercy


None of us avid readers of The Lima News enjoy losing our paper copy.

Letter: Frustrating service means a canceled newspaper


I have subscribed to The Lima News for 30-plus years for seven issues a week.

Letter: Blame gun problems, not mental illness


Former President Donald Trump opened up a can of worms again on a CNN open forum with outlandish statements regarding the election results, stopping the war in Ukraine in 24 hours and restoring economic stability with no inflation. The overall kicker was his remark about gun violence being caused by mental illness instead of guns!

Letter: It’s just not the same without a daily paper


”Oh no, Joe! Say it ain’t so!” That was my very first thought as I picked up last Wednesday’s Lima News to read that the newspaper is going the way of everything else in the world. New. Modern. Up to date. Latest technology.

Letter: Taxing the rich the best way to fix things


We now have a government of, by and for corporations. The middle class are paying taxes, the rich are paying accountants, and the wealthy are buying lobbyists. When the mega-wealthy contend there is nothing illegal about their paying zero taxes, remember they are the ones through their purchase of lobbyists and representatives who decide what is legal and illegal.

Roses and Thorns


Everything is coming up roses this week.