Letter: Abortion industry remains the real enemy of people

I resent the scathing article (Anti-abortion movement making big play to thwart citizen initiatives on reproductive rights, The Lima News, June 17th e-edition) about certain things supposedly going on in the pro-life movement.

I’m not saying all the tactics of the pro-life movement listed in the article are morally right, but we are in a fight to save the lives of voiceless, unborn children. This is our modern-day Holocaust. Six million Jews died at the hands of the Nazis. How many unborn lives have been killed in today’s abortuaries since Roe v. Wade?

But the abortion industry says it’s not a child. It’s “tissue” or a “nodule” that has to come out because it’s an “inconvenience” or a “danger” to the mother. They prey on a woman’s fears and pretend that an abortion will solve all problems. Lies. All lies. But this is all the liberal press (written and in broadcast) does is tout the “freedom” of women with their bodies, and not a word is said about the life they’ve killed or the pro-life side of the story.

Clinics encourage abortion for the money. The woman leaves the clinic after the procedure, and they have their take. Any problems or fears have all the same answer. Before you print scathing articles, look at your own tactics for the almighty dollar.

The pro-life movement tries to help these women with counseling, help with pregnancy expenses, parenting classes, baby care and, after delivery, clothes, diapers, wipes, formula and other needs.

And what about adoption, the loving option? Thousands of couples are begging for children, and you don’t want one?

Heartbeat of Lima does a fine job in helping women who are pregnant and in fear. Rachel’s Vinyard helps women (and men) who have been traumatized by their abortions or those of their mates. Once they leave the clinic, do the pro-abortionists help their clients if something happens? I have not seen one yet. They have their money.

Marlene Schulze



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