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Today's The Lima NewsYou can buy your copy of The Lima News’ Midweek or Weekend editions at one of these fine retailers:

Dollar General, 4189 State Route 385, Ada (Saturday Only)

Rite Aid, 610 S Main St., Ada

7-Eleven, 220 S Main St., Ada

Four Seasons Drive Thru, 205 N Main St., Ada

Automated Petroleum, 602 N Main St., Ada

Community Markets, 945 S Main St., Ada

302 Carryout, 302 S Main St., Ada

Alger Carryout, 106 Lee St., Alger

Shell, 608 E Main St., Anna

Speedway, 607 E Main St., Anna

Mid-Town Market, 104 W Main St., Beaverdam

D & G Mini Mart, 2598 State Route 273 W, Belle Center

Casey’s General Store, 1104 S Main St., Bellefontaine (Saturday Only)

Marathon Gas, 1138 N Main St., Bellefontaine (Saturday Only)

Speedway, 329 S Main St., Bellefontaine (Saturday Only)

Kroger, 2129 S Main St., Bellefontaine (Saturday Only)

Village Pantry, 2000 E Sandusky St., Bellefontaine (Saturday Only)

CVS, 126 N Main St., Bluffton

Bluffton Shell, 465 State Route 103, Bluffton

Marathon Food Mart, 205 S Main St., Bluffton

Circle K, 111 Commerce Ln, Bluffton

Gulf Botkins, 501 E State St., Botkins

Circle K, 500 W State St., Botkins

Zuma Shell Drive Thru, 6939 State Route 219, Celina

Marathon Docksider Mini Mart, 515 E Market St., Celina

Eastown Party Mart, 701 Grand Lake Rd, Celina

Sunoco Gas Station, 204 E Market St., Celina

Dock Slider Marathon, 303 S Main St., Celina

Celina Marathon, 1027 N Main St., Celina

Casey’s General Store, 6981 Havemann Rd, Celina

Chief Supermarket, 221 Summit St., Celina

Dollar General, 910 W Main St., Coldwater

Westown Party Mart, 901 W Main St., Coldwater

Chief Supermarket, 810 E Main St., Coldwater

Dollar General, 16691 State Route 65, Columbus Grove

Aguire’s Filling Station, 404 N Main St., Columbus Grove

Sunoco Gas Station, 207 S High St., Columbus Grove

Tabler’s Marathon Drive Thru, 715 S Main St., Columbus Grove

Okuley’s Pharmacy, 102 S Main St., Continental

Dollar General, 403 N Main St., Continental

Continental Main Stop, 20968 Road E, Continental

Dollar General, 608 E Main St., Cridersville

Speedway, 100 N Dixie Hwy, Cridersville

Casey’s General Store, 100 S Dixie Hwy, Cridersville

Dollar General, 251 Elida Ave, Delphos

Rite Aid, 940 Elida Ave, Delphos

Niedecken’s Carryout, 604 S Main St., Delphos

Suever’s Townhouse Carryout, 944 E 5th St., Delphos

McDonalds, 1051 Elida Ave, Delphos

Circle K, 904 E 5th St., Delphos

Speedway, 202 S Main St., Delphos

Chief Supermarket, 1102 Elida Ave, Delphos

Family Dollar, 1030 Elida Ave, Delphos (Saturday Only)

Hutchinson Shell, 1150 Elida Ave, Delphos

Speedway, 240 W 5th St., Delphos

Southside Six, 441 S Main St., Dunkirk

Dollar General, 223 E Kiracofe St., Elida

The Olde Thyme Pantry, 626 E Main St., Elida

Speedway, 4630 Elida Rd, Elida

Great Scot, 301 W Main Cross St., Findlay (Saturday Only)

Great Scot, 2021 Broad Ave, Findlay (Saturday Only)

Circle K, 1220 Tiffin Ave, Findlay (Saturday Only)

Kroger, 1996 Tiffin Ave, Findlay (Saturday Only)

Circle K, 2727 N Main St., Findlay (Saturday Only)

Kroger, 101 6th St., Findlay (Saturday Only)

Martin Meat Mart, 204 E Lima St., Forest (Saturday Only)

Wagner’s IGA, 200 S Main St., Fort Loramie (Saturday Only)

Bombshelter Carryout & Bar, 301 S Main St., Glandorf

Snack Shack, 212 N Main St., Harrod

Casey’s General Store, 307 W Pike St., Jackson Center

Village Pantry, 404 W Pike St., Jackson Center

Dollar General, 604 S Broad St., Kalida

Kalida IGA, 205 E North St., Kalida

Kenton Marathon, 960 Fontaine St., Kenton

Dollar General, 961 E Columbus St., Kenton

Walmart, 1242 E Columbus St., Kenton

Jump ‘n Jims, 1255 S Main St., Kenton

Kenton Marathon, 303 N Detroit St., Kenton

Marathon Food Court, 925 E Columbus St., Kenton

Porter House West, 711 W Lima St., Kenton

Fuel Mart, 302 S Detroit St., Kenton

Village Pantry, 350 S Main St., Kenton

Dollar General, 13797 State Route 235, Lakeview

Lakeview Clark, 13365 State Route 235, Lakeview

Midway Marathon, 8758 Township Road 239, Lakeview

Community Markets, 8793 Township Road 239, Lakeview

Dollar General, 6200 State Route 65, Leipsic

AJ’S Carryout, 805 W Main St., Leipsic

Brunner News Agency, 217 Flanders Ave, Lima, Wednesday Only

Dollar General, 1740 N Union St., Lima

Slim’s Pizza, 1290 W Robb Ave, Lima

Fat Jack’s Pizza, 1806 N West St., Lima

Fat Jack’s Pizza, 801 Findlay Rd, Lima

Rite Aid, 506 W Market St., Lima

Bill’s Drive Thru, 2135 N West St., Lima

Daley’s Discount Grocery, 506 N Main St., Lima

McDonalds, 525 W Market St., Lima

Vinnie’s Drive Thru, 858 W North St., Lima

Jerry’s Party Shop, 1432 Allentown Rd, Lima

One Stop Marathon, 4170 N West St., Lima

McDonalds, 1965 N West St., Lima

Shell, 601 W Market St., Lima

Rite Aid, 302 W Robb Ave, Lima

Speedway, 7837 E Lincoln Hwy, Lima

Circle K, 2051 N West St., Lima

Fuel Stop, 603 Findlay Rd, Lima

Give-n-Go Fuel Stop, 1041 Findlay Rd, Lima

Circle K, 1219 W Robb Ave, Lima

Speedway, 792 N Main St., Lima

Chief Supermarket Plus, 120 W Northern St., Lima

Speedway, 2615 N West St., Lima

Family Dollar, 236 S Main St., Lima (Saturday Only)

Dollar General, 685 S Main St., Lima

Dollar General, 1330 Bellefontaine Ave, Lima

Rite Aid, 1415 Bellefontaine Ave, Lima

Hermie’s Party Shop, 1802 Saint Johns Rd, Lima

Vine St. Mini Mart, 235 E Vine St., Lima

Keysor’s Pit Stop, 635 W Vine St., Lima

Speedway, 1875 Harding Hwy, Lima

Meat City, 801 E Kibby St., Lima

Dairy Market, 531 W Kibby St., Lima

Speedway, 2995 Saint Johns Rd, Lima

McDonalds, 1920 Harding Hwy, Lima

Walgreen’s, 2366 Harding Hwy, Lima

D & G Mini Mart, 6459 Bellefontaine Rd, Lima

Walmart, 2400 Harding Hwy, Lima

Dollar Tree, 771 Lost Creek Blvd, Lima

Dollar General, 310 N Jameson Ave, Lima

Marathon, 325 N Cole St., Lima

Fat Jack’s Pizza, 2340 Spencerville Rd, Lima

Pony Keg, 1201 Shawnee Rd, Lima

McDonalds, 2619 Elida Rd, Lima

Walgreen’s, 701 N Cable Rd, Lima

Rite Aid, 3230 W Elm St., Lima

Meijer Gas Station, 3298 Elida Rd, Lima

Speedway, 1410 Elida Rd, Lima

McDonalds, 941 N Cable Rd, Lima

Dollar General, 2170 Allentown Rd, Lima

Speedway, 631 N Cable Rd, Lima

Meijer , 3298 Elida Rd, Lima

Chief Supermarket, 890 S Cable Rd, Lima

BP Oil Duchess Shoppe, 2075 Allentown Rd, Lima

Walmart, 2450 Allentown Rd, Lima

Dollar Tree, 911 N Cable Rd, Lima

Dollar General, 3819 Shawnee Rd, Lima

CVS, 2620 W Breese Rd, Lima

Dollar Tree, 2417 Shawnee Rd, Lima

Rite Aid, 3710 Shawnee Rd, Lima

Casey’s General Store, 2800 Shawnee Rd, Lima

Shawnee Fuel Stop, 1250 W Breese Rd, Lima

McDonalds, 2455 Shawnee Rd, Lima

BP Oil Duchess Shoppe, 2401 Shawnee Rd, Lima

Dollar General, 6594 Ottawa Rd, Lima

Allentown Carryout, 4675 Allentown Rd, Lima

Readmore’s Hallmark Shop, 3330 W Elm St., Lima

Casey’s General Store, 4411 Elida Rd, Lima

Circle K, 286 S Eastown Rd, Lima

Pit Stop Carryout, 300 S Main St., Miller City

Wagner’s IGA, 257 E 4th St., Minster

Dollar General, 495 S Washington St., New Bremen

Tucker’s Pharmacy, 1831 E Main St., Ottawa

Dollar General, 1444 N Perry St., Ottawa

Rite Aid, 305 W Main St., Ottawa

McDonalds, 777 N Perry St., Ottawa

Kohl’s Market, 1755 E Main St., Ottawa

Casey’s General Store, 730 Taft Ave, Ottawa

Walmart, 1720 N Perry St., Ottawa

Brooky’s Citgo, 10959 State route 224, Ottawa

Car-E-It Party Shop, 1204 E Main St., Ottawa

Dollar General, 619 W 3rd St., Ottoville

Valero Express Mart, 150 W Canal St., Ottoville

Ted’s Market, 311 E Washington St., Pandora

Dollar General, 147 E Main St., Russells Point

Rite Aid, 120 W Main St., Russells Point

Village Pantry, 209 State Route 708, Russells Point

St Henry Shell, 502 N Eastern Ave, Saint Henry (Saturday Only)

Dollar General, 844 Indiana Ave, Saint Marys

Circle K, 105 N Spruce St., Saint Marys

Certified Oil, 1130 Celina Rd, Saint Marys

Rite Aid, 1502 Executive Dr, Saint Marys

Pump N Pack, 1115 Celina Dr, Saint Marys

St. Mary’s Liquor, 200 E High St., Saint Marys

St. Marys Party Store, 1302 Indiana Ave, Saint Marys

Marathon, 202 W South St., Saint Marys

Certified Oil, 1055 E Spring St., Saint Marys

Villa Nova Drive Thru, 182 E Bank St., Saint Marys

Dollar Tree, 1262 Indiana Ave, Saint Marys

Pantry Pride, 1550 Celina Rd, Saint Marys

Kroger, 475 Fortman Dr, Saint Marys

Kroger, 2100 Michigan St., Sidney (Saturday Only)

Speedway, 1529 Michigan St., Sidney (Saturday Only)

Speedway, 1515 N Main St., Sidney (Saturday Only)

Speedway, 1501 Saint Marys Rd, Sidney (Saturday Only)

J & A Disc Grocery, 502 E 4th St., Spencerville

Spencerville Post Office, 121 S Broadway St., Spencerville

Chuffer’s Drive Thru, 13305 Spencerville Rd, Spencerville

Dollar General, 502 E 4th St., Spencerville

Quick Stop Marathon, 202 N Broadway St., Spencerville

Shell – Subway, 106 E 4th St., Spencerville

Dollar General, 1136 S Shannon St., Van Wert

Lassus BP Station, 885 N Washington St., Van Wert

CVS, 703 W Ervin Rd, Van Wert

Dollar Tree, 327 Van Wert Town Center, Van Wert

Pak-A-Sak, 800 N Washington St., Van Wert

Van Wert Party Mart, 1060 S Washington St., Van Wert

Tyler’s Short Stop, 714 E Main St., Van Wert

Casey’s General Store, 202 W Ervin Rd, Van Wert

Walmart, 301 Towne Center Blvd, Van Wert

Brookside Convenience, 1301 W Main St., Van Wert

Dollar General, 1009 Lincoln Hwy, Wapakoneta

CVS, 813 Defiance St., Wapakoneta

Schneider Party Shop, 512 S Blackhoof St., Wapakoneta

Community Markets, 805 Defiance St., Wapakoneta

Hutchinson Shell, 1402 Bellefontaine St., Wapakoneta

Wapak Marathon, 1003 Defiance St., Wapakoneta

Walmart, 1257 Bellefontaine St., Wapakoneta