Letter: Lima coming back to life

Have you been downtown lately? I drove up and down the streets marveling at the new buildings, new storefronts, new parking, construction equipment, the many workers and the pretty trees, shrubs and big flowerpots everywhere!

It looks as if John Heaphy is inspiring the whole place to come to life. Remember what it used to look like?

Kudos to Mayor Smith, the downtown business owners and everyone who’s hopping on this bandwagon. A downtown mural to commemorate the upcoming 250th birthday of the United States in 2026 would be nice, too.

Also, I believe The Lima News is doing everything it can to stay afloat in this climate without the printing press they once had. Thanks to all the workers (and I include former editor David Trinko) who see to it that The Lima News still comes in print. I love the regular Wednesday feature, “Holy Cow! History” and I love The Lima News.

Debi Black



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