Letter: Delphos remembers Peltier and his accomplishments well

I response to Kevin Blake’s letter published March 24, I appreciate his concern that astronomer Leslie Peltier has not been recognized. I want to let him and others know that Peltier has been recognized and memorialized by the residents of Delphos and by some astronomy organizations.

The American Association of Variable Star Observers created the Leslie Peltier Award in 1980 to annually honor an amateur and professional astronomer who has made a significant contribution to the science of astronomy.

On the front law of the Delphos Public Library is an Ohio historical marker and a sundial-topped monument to Peltier’s accomplishments. The monument was dedicated Sept. 30, 2003.

Delphos High School seniors are eligible to receive the Leslie C. Peltier Scholarship.

The Delphos Canal Commission Museum has an excellent display about Peltier, which includes a replica of his observatory and photos of him and his family, including his parents and grandparents. Nov. 13, 2021, was declared Lelsie Peltier Day in Delphos when the observatory model was dedicated. The museum also has small replicas of the observatory and Leslie Peltier T-shirts if someone wants their own personal remembrance.

I think Delphos has done a good job of honoring and remembering its most famous son, and I hope people will come and see these memorials.

Debbie Mayes



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