Letter: New plan needed on Cable Road safety

It’s not unusual to hear dimwitted proposals from government, but a recently heard suggestion from the City of Lima should receive an award for being the most hick-townish.

If I correctly understand it, too much traffic on Cable Road causes safety concerns. Traffic on Cable Road often approaches designed capacity, so the city wants to fix that by halving the capacity from four lanes to two.

Hmm, isn’t that a little like ODOT reducing I-75 on the east side to one lane each way because they are concerned about the safety in that area?

Do you guys even know the purpose of a roadway? It is to move vehicular traffic safely and expeditiously. Can you imagine how unsafe it will be to put an hourglass pinch in the middle of a busy thoroughfare? There are times on the current four-lane roadway when the Latham traffic light queue is lined up past the north exit from Clock Tower Plaza. What will it be like when you go to two lanes?

Try again Lima, but this time use a little common sense. If you want a median like Elida Road, you have a turn lane in which to put it. If you want to have sidewalks, I’m sure that you can find space in the current areas alongside the roadway. This would be a lot cheaper than completely rebuilding the whole section of roadway, and it would leave a busy thoroughfare to do its job, moving vehicular traffic safely and expeditiously.

James Powell



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