Letter: Huffman’s fuzzy math on display

Poor Senator Matt Huffman. How embarrassing it must be for him. A graduate of a private school, he is a huge proponent of using tax dollars to fund private school education. He touts the superior education of students learning the basics: reading, writing and arithmetic compared to public schools. It is a shame as an alumni he is a poor example of at least one of those basics: math.

His insistence of cramming HJR1 down the throats of the Ohio voters bears this out. It allows for 41 percent of the voters in Ohio to tank what 59 percent of voters want when amending the State’s Constitution instead of the long-standing simple majority passage.

At the public school I graduated from, I was taught 59 is a larger number than 41. Now I know that private schools offer great educational curriculum. I have many friends who went to private schools.

I guess Matt just didn’t pay attention in math class. Or is it far more sinister? Could it be he believes in minority rule? Sadly the latter is true.

Shame on the gerrymandered Ohio House and Senate. They are playing us for fools. The taxpayers will have to fund a $20 million special election in August just to push his minority rule scheme.

Past Ohio governors Taft and Kasich have spoken against it and the dangerous precedent it would set. Let Sen. Huffman know you agree with them.

Alice Donahue



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