Letter: Just pay the difference back to subscribers

My subscription to The Lima News runs out in late August, three months from now… or 90 papers from now. I had paid for seven papers per week when my subscription started. Now, I’m going to receive two papers a week until August.

What about the other 66 papers I’ve already paid for between now and August?

Counting two papers a week now, my subscription should be extended another 33 weeks (66 papers) to include all the papers I already paid for.

Or, you could send me a refund for the 66 papers. Your choice. Or, there is one more choice for you: You can say no refund, no 66 papers, no adjustments. We have your money. Case closed.

How many more subscribers out there could be writing this same letter to you?

I did call The Lima News about this and was told I’ll get two papers a week until August. No adjustments.

Ed Hanson



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