Letter: Food as dangerous to you as guns are

In his May 20 letter, Carl Liechty lamented the fact that there were 40,000 gun deaths in the U.S. last year, a truly black mark on a nation of 330 million. His conclusion, based on his analysis, was that guns are the problem, not the mental health of the individual using the weapon.

Using this logic, statistically, shouldn’t we enforce dietary limitations on what Americans do best, eat?

According to the National Institute of Health, obesity in the U.S. causes approximately 300,000 deaths per year. Almost 42% of Americans suffer from obesity. Add smoking, diabetes, hypertension, alcohol, etc., and the number of heart disease deaths balloons to 695,000 per year. Most, not all, of these deaths are totally preventable by the individual. It’s called personal will and accountability.

The U.S. government has labeled these conditions, including obesity, a disease. If this is the case, why not gun use in the death of another person? After all, it takes just as much effort to put food in your mouth as to pull a trigger, and statistics from the U.S. government has shown that too much food and the type of food you eat has greater dire consequences.

Craig Nichols



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