Letter: Don’t sign petition for abortion rights

On Tuesday, there was an article on the front page of The Lima News about “abortion rights.” The abortion rights supporters are preparing to gather 412,591 signatures to put an amendment on the November ballot that would permit mothers of prospective babies to kill them.

The same mothers who would be permitted to kill their babies in the womb would be found guilty of murder and would go to prison for killing her child after the child was born. Remember, babies are not tumors to be discarded as such.

I am asking all Christians, no matter what religion you may practice, to voice your opinion about this matter by not signing the petition concerning this amendment, so it does not become Ohio law. We have an opportunity to make a difference, let’s take it.

Signing the petition for this amendment is the same as driving a car for a bank robbery. You become complicit in the crime and therefore approve of the killing of the babies.

Please protect the unborn. They are definite gifts to our society from God. They deserve a chance to live.

Edward A. Klaus



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