Letter: Huffman’s war on public schools

Ohio Senate President Matt Huffman says closing Leo Academy is an anomaly. These private schools open, saying they will do better than the public schools and don’t want any oversight. The state gives no oversight, and test scores show they do worse. Many close, and the money spent on them is gone.

These schools are set up to prove private education is better than public education. Parents believe them, and the children with the public school money are sent to these schools. The owner gets the money and pays himself a huge salary and gives a nice sum to Sen. Huffman and his fellow legislators.

If anything is left, it goes to educate the students. Test scores show that they do worse than the public schools. Over time, Huffman has received lots of money from these owners. The Fordham Institute is trying to privatize all education in the United States.

Do we want our small schools in this area to be run as charters and/or voucher schools? Can Senate President Huffman close them down? Not directly, but the plan is to starve your local school of money. They have turned all the state monies over to the charters and vouchers and tell you that they are not using your local taxes for those schools. But your local schools get less state help, and if you want to keep your local school, you must pass levies to keep it going.

Millie Ruen



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