Letter: Library books tracked better than documents

Well enough already! I’m so tired of hearing about the Republicans, the Democrats, anybody, somebody, nobody being held responsible for top secret documents missing. “Top secret?” Seriously?

Is anyone except me wondering why the real question has not been asked? That question being: Who is watching and recording where these documents are going and to whom? You can’t get a book from the library without “checking them out.” Surely these “top secret” documents are more important than a library book.

Why isn’t anybody being held responsible for the return of these documents? The presidents and vice presidents are just people like you and me, so why aren’t they held responsible? If an aide is doing the biding for any of these people, why are they not held responsible for the return of that item? There should be a time allotted for the use of the items, and if they need an extension so be it, within reason!

These public officials should be just like you and me, law-abiding Americans, and they should act like it!

Remember these words: Wake up, America.

Louise Myers



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