Letter: The return of the 1950s

I was a teenager in the 1950s and supported the changes made in the 1960s. Even the Catholic Church loosened its rules a bit. Those changes revealed sexual abuse by priests, sports coaches, and men in positions of power, including politicians.

Do young people support our government controlling its citizens like other autocratic countries? It appears that the “Trumpers” want to do exactly that. After 82 years I now see some critical changes where some politicians abuse their power, such as with voting rights, abortion control, gerrymandering and the Electoral College, harmful to democracy by pre-determining outcomes and depriving voters of a meaningful choice at the polls.

There have been many changes that need to happen to progress into the future. And now the Republican Party is attempting to bring back all the old societal rules after 75 years. As a teenager, I remember hearing about back-alley abortions, which could be a death sentence at times. I fear the future dies with my generation.

Carole Daley



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