Letter: Paying for college is on the student

The college crybabies continue to whine about their student loan debt. Unless they got a “full ride” scholarship, did someone tell them college would be free? Every year, I laugh to myself when local media shows college freshmen unloading their belongings to begin their college life. And of course, Mommy and Daddy are there to help them unload and get started.

When I reported to Fort Knox, Kentucky at age 17 to begin military service, I rode the greyhound alone, carried my baggage alone and reported alone. Mommy and Daddy were not with me to wipe my nose or any other body parts. Later, I went to school under the G.I. Bill and got paid tax-free money to go.

Some federal judges have declared President Biden’s student loan forgiveness unconstitutional. Hopefully, these rulings will stand. America owes everyone the opportunity to succeed. To make a football analogy, the “system” should give you the ball, and then it is up to you to score a touchdown or make a fumble.

Serve your country first and then go to school, thanks to your military service, or pay up.

Victor Arnett



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