Letter: Election winners should show bipartisanship

Now that the election is over, the winners need to set some goals. They need to take actions that help the most, not for the party, not for their cronies but for their constituents.

If that means working with those across the aisle, try! If that means standing outside your party, stand tall. If it means you have changed your mind on an issue, so be it. Instead of trying to find fault with members of the other party, try to figure out working together.

The ugly campaigning that just happened was sad for this country. Instead of sounding like well-educated compassionate adults, they reminded me of junior high school. I sincerely pray that the winners are better representatives than their attack ads make them appear. Ramping up fear only causes more stress for the public; it does not give them hope.

Please focus on what good you can do, not what anger you can create. We need leaders, not crybabies.

Sue Bennett



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