Letter: Don’t make it hard to apply for a job

It’s amazing to me how all the time we hear of jobs not filled across all sectors of the economy.

So what are the employers doing to fill these jobs? They make it to where you can only apply online and jump through a bunch of hoops and get redirected through numerous job-finding applications on the internet. Many get frustrated and just quit looking.

Here’s an idea. Many people in the last 50 years have got a job by word of mouth. They call a phone and talked to someone. They filled out an application on paper.

I’m retired and wanted to just get part-time work to have something to do. It is absolutely amazing how the employers make it so hard to get a job. Then they complain that nobody wants to work.

If person doesn’t have a smartphone or a computer, they can forget trying to get a job.

The employers are as addicted to smartphones and computers to the point where the simplest things cannot be done efficiently.

Jeffrey Perine



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