Letter: What comes next with the Democrats?

Why are the Democrats afraid to make America great again? Why are they giving angry speeches against a red background with angry words of division? What would the government do if there were riots in the streets all across American before a midterm election where people might be afraid to go to the polls and vote? Would the government declare martial law with only safe voting by mail, like the last presidential election?

Wake up America. You control your own destiny if you have the courage to think for yourself. Have you read the book “Battle for the American Mind”? They have started with our kids. The schools are run by the government and the teachers’ unions. How can they cause division within our families by controlling what is “woke” and feeding it to our kids?

Listen to your heart and use your own mind to vote what will make your family great again. The government belongs to the people. You decide what makes America great. “Of the people, by the people and for the people.”

Kathy Ball



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