Letter: Democrats in power not managing economy well

In response to a recent letter entitled “Democrats must stop trying To lose,” a recent history is really needed to clarify why they are and will continue to lose.

One of the first things President Biden did after his inauguration was to cancel the Keystone Pipeline and put over 15,000 people out of work. This was bad enough, but it stopped the importation of Canadian oil into our country. The millions of barrels that this pipeline could supply (which would have been in operation by now) would have really controlled the price of oil, which is driving the outrageous gasoline price increases we are currently dealing with.

Biden’s next gift to the Religious Climate Change Cult was to cancel new oil leases on federal land and add a number of new regulations, which limited exploration for new oil supplies and added huge operation costs to oil production.

The Democrats just could not help themselves. The country was a net exporter of oil and gas. Gas and oil and natural gas were at an all-time low for domestic consumption. They had to do something to placate the insane liberal Green Wing of their party, so they imposed those restrictions and others which have caused the current situation.

Now with the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Democrats are blaming Putin rather than their complete mismanagement of our energy needs and our country’s economy.

Supply and demand is the driver of the price of a barrel of oil. Your Democrat friends are responsible for the policy decisions that are driving those prices, not the Republicans or the Big Oil Companies.

Thanks to a president who is not up to the demands of his office and a vice president who cannot correctly read preprinted answers to questions at a news conference, we are on the way to a national recession and blue bloodbath in the midterm elections. You only have yourselves to blame.

Kenneth E. Harris