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David Trinko: Find patience as businesses work short-handed

First Posted: 12/28/2013The man in front of me started yelling at the cashier last week. He started screaming at her about how she wasted his...

David Trinko: Exhaustion in the midst of two fun-filled weeks

First Posted: 11/9/2013When my youngest daughter enters her rebellious years, she’ll look at me and tell me I didn’t spend enough time playing with...

David Trinko: Howling at the Halloween costumes this year

First Posted: 10/26/2013There are four seasons in our home, and we’re nearing the end of one of them this week. There’s Christmas “I want” season,...

David Trinko: How the Internet saved Christmas

First Posted: 12/21/2013During this festive time of year, you see a lot of tales on television about saving Christmas. It’s apparently a perilous holiday. Rudolph...