Letter: Moving Capitol to heartland helps U.S.

How about moving Washington, D.C., to the heartland, equal distance from Atlantic to the Pacific, north border to the south border? Surround our new capitol with people who know what it’s like to work for a living, people who know what it’s like to sweat, freeze and sometimes bleed to get the job done.

Put all new people in power. Make it a place where skin color doesn’t matter, nor ethnicity. Use people who know that the law only works when it bends, people who know the letter of the law is not sacrosanct but the spirit is. Always safety first!

It should be people who honor people who work and pay taxes, people who know the tax system needs to be fair and simple. It’s people who know, as we don’t let just anybody in our backyards, it’s the same for our borders.

It’s people who hate both sloth and greed equally, and they discourage it. They’re people who can’t be bought, where foreign money is not accepted.

We need people who will look at this country’s successes and failures of the past and create a new, better government, with new parties and no more Republicans or Democrats. We need people who will make themselves a target and own their mistakes, people who know that “do unto others as you would have others do unto you” is perfect.

We need people who know when it comes to who God is, (after we’re in His likeness and image), we all fall short. None of us can create a moon and put it in a perfect orbit, nor walk upon a stormy sea. Most of all, we need people that know we need him! We need someone who knows exactly what to do and when to do it, no matter what the issue.

Jon Basinger



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