Comissioners working to finalize next year’s budget

LIMA — Allen County Commissioners Beth Seibert, Brian Winegardner and Cory Noonan met Wednesday afternoon to discuss pending budget plans. The Commissioners reviewed potential budget plans with the Clerk of the Board Kelli Singhaus.

An official budget has not yet been finalized. Allen County Commissioners continue to work hard at preparing the county for the new year.

“We are continuing to work this number down but we are still waiting on the budget commission to come forth with their number,” said Comissioner Beth Seibert. “We take their number and we look at what number among the cash balance we have and we build the 2023 budget from there.”

Commissioners will meet with the budget commission members who have the set number for the year.

The budget commission consists of Allen County Prosecutor Juergen Waldick, Allen County Auditor Rachael Gilroy, and Allen County Treasurer Krista Bohn.

“Right now we feel like we are still at a number bigger than what those two numbers are going to come in,” added Seibert. “We are still doing it in anticipation of the budget commission providing their number.”

The hope is to finalize the budget before the holiday.

“It is our goal that before Christmas we will meet with the elected officials and the department heads to present the draft budget,” said Seibert.

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