Roses and Thorns

Some mighty large thorns seem to have overgrown in the rose garden this week.

Thorn: To the officials who agreed to the slap on the wrist for former Allen County Children Services Executive Director Cynthia Scanland. The community would’ve benefitted from a well-prepared trial to expose what went wrong in the child abuse cases involving foster parents Jeremy Kindle and Scott Steffes. We question whether forcing Scanland out of teaching or working in the children services field is enough of a punishment given the severity of a case that sent Kindle to prison for 94 years and Steffes to prison for 47 years.s

Rose: To the Allen County Fair board, which is bringing up-and-coming country/rock artist Hardy to the fair. There a frequent complaint that the only acts we see in Lima are more nostalgic than modern. It’s nice to see the fair take a chance on someone new who already sold out 28 other shows. If he’s not for you, that’s OK. Bringing in younger, upcoming talent helps attract the young people we keep complaining choose to leave the area because there’s nothing for them to do here.

Thorn: To Spencerville Mayor Phil Briggs, who faces charges of pandering obscenity involving a minor, regardless of whether the claims he recorded two teens in various stages of undress are proven true or not. He remained in the Allen County jail as of Friday morning, resigned his mayorship the same day, and can’t be a good representative of his community after this. Elected officials are held to a higher standard.

Rose: To Temple Christian School, which purchased the former Lima Manor property. It’s a blessing this property found a new use before it became an eyesore, and reinventing it as a school makes a lot of sense.

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