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John Grindrod: The clothing version of what’s in your wallet

First Posted: 9/3/2013As a single guy, there’s really not a whole lot to laundry day, unlike my life of many years ago when others...

John Grindrod: Restrooms, sarcasm and Ambrose Bierce

First Posted: 12/9/2013As an aging guy, I know more than a little about going to the restroom. However, for me, that’s really the way...

John Grindrod: Fall mowing definitely not on my Thanksgiving list

First Posted: 10/28/2013Of course, tomorrow is the day that combines, as only Americans can seem to do so effortlessly, two pastimes that really on...

John Grindrod: An enigma for our New Year’s Day

First Posted: 12/31/2013There are certain things in life that I’ve decided I’ll never understand, for example how anyone could possibly learn to fold a...