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John Grindrod: Deer, deer, it’s that time of year

First Posted: 10/28/2013While driving to Toledo recently on Mid-American Cleaning business, the large roadside brown bundles caught my eye. Now, since I spend a...

John Grindrod: The sounds of typographical silence

First Posted: 9/3/2013Admittedly, I, for the most part, enjoy the sliver of notoriety I get from writing for my hometown paper and one of...

John Grindrod: Combating writer’s block by finding a comfort zone

First Posted: 10/28/2013Well, the time is almost here for my favorite seasonal columnist, Bob Seggerson, to start giving me my weekly doses of basketball...

John Grindrod: Tom Cornell remembers Bo and a practical joke for the ages

First Posted: 9/3/2013Perhaps one of the more difficult things to do when it comes to writing is to evoke laughter, so I have always...