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John Grindrod: Veterans Day thoughts from one who never served

First Posted: 10/28/2013Last workweek began with what should be one of our most important holidays, Veterans Day. Nov. 11 is a day the federal...

John Grindrod: Perhaps tradition’s last stand, Christmas

First Posted: 12/9/2013My guess is the presents have already been unwrapped; the eggnog prepared and probably drunk; in some families, the movie for later...

John Grindrod: A collection of thoughts from Archlandia

First Posted: 8/18/2014As I travel for work and look for places to do some iPad work, I find myself in a whole lot of...

John Grindrod: Baseball’s cursed charm, its hall of infamy

First Posted: 3/4/2014After a long winter’s slumber, baseball, our nation’s oldest of the three major sports and my favorite, is back. And, while there...

John Grindrod: 9 years after the classroom, still some lingering resentment

First Posted: 3/31/2014When it comes to school matters, a year away from my 10-year anniversary of leaving my last classroom, I’ve spent very little...