Letter: August Issue 1: Stop the long power grab

Hello, independent voters and independent thinkers. You have the option to vote no on Aug. 8 in a one-off summer ballot issue. No on Issue 1 will continue a fair and balanced outcome on future ballot issues. There is no godly reason to need these issues to be won by 60 percent. This has been the rule of law for 111 years.

Voting no on Issue 1 stops a decades-long power grab by the reigning political party. I trust that the actual majority of voters registered as Independent have finally realized that actions like this dark money stunt are counterintuitive to a normal democratic outcome of 50 percent plus one to win a ballot issue.

The Ohio politicians in the super majority have rewritten the rules on registration and are eyeing not letting Independents vote in some elections unless they declare a party. This is why independents stand their ground and stay independent but the party in power of Ohio for 35 years thinks you are not paying attention again. Let’s show up on Aug. 8 and vote no on Issue 1.

Robert Huenke



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