Letter: Confusing to see where your taxpayer money goes

I’m not sure whether I am confused or enlightened.

Large banks donate depositors’ money, not their money, to Democratic elections and associations like Black Lives Matter and the Democratic National Commitee without the knowledge of their customers?

Then those banks default, and the taxpayer bails them out, so no matter your affiliation, you’re paying for elections and associations you may not support.

Boy, have the Republicans and every other political group in Washington dropped the ball. The Democrats control the FBI, CIA, DOJ and all the other departments of government and private institutions.

There have to be old mafia bosses rubbing their heads and realizing the mistake they made in not being in government.

What have Republicans been doing the last 25 or more years in Washington? How do we Americans keep not just Democrats, but Republicans and every other association out of your money? The vote obviously doesn’t do it; the lawmakers we support haven’t done it. Where do we go next?

Robert Burkholder



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