Letter: Moreno lied to auto workers, showing us he’s not on our side

I’ve been a UAW member for decades, and I have experienced firsthand how decisions made by shady car salesmen like Bernie Moreno who are only out for themselves cost auto workers like me their jobs.

After working at the Indianapolis Ford plant and being a member of Local 1111 for over a decade, I moved to work here in Lima because the Ford plant closed. The choices that Bernie Moreno made to sell Chinese-made cars contributed to the loss of good union jobs across the country and right here in Ohio. But what makes it even worse is that Moreno lied about selling the car.

Autoworkers can’t trust Moreno to do right by us because we can’t trust him to tell us the truth or stand up for our jobs.

Moreno has always been out for himself and not workers. He lied about selling Chinese-made cars. He refused to pay his employees the overtime they’d earned, and a court of law found him liable for wage theft.

Moreno has shown Ohio auto workers that he is a liar and not on our side. We can’t trust him to fight for us.

Jeff Adams

St. Marys

Jeff Adams is UAW Local 1219’s president.


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