Letter: Is America becoming the new Gilead?

When I watched “The Handmaid’s Tale,” I wondered how a society becomes one that makes women sexual slaves. Now we know. Elect extremist Conservatives.

And it begins. Gilead is here!

The recent decision in Alabama, making a frozen embryo a child, is just the beginning.

The Right to Lifers are not concerned about life. They care about a few nonviable cells. But what it is about is control. The hypocrisy of their quest was perfectly stated by Sen. Tommy Tuberville, from Alabama, when he said; “We need more children.” There are so many things wrong with that.

The court decision that embryos are children has put a stop to IVF procedures in that state. But here is the conundrum. What is going to happen with the embryos, frozen and stored in fertility clinics around the state? In effect, the state is killing these potential children with this ruling.

An embryo is not a child, and this is only the first step of what will follow when we keep electing Republican extremists. Their policies do not protect life. They do not protect a woman who is at risk for continuing her pregnancy. They do not protect and support those very children that were born because of their policies.

MAGA Mike Johnson, the speaker of the House, is a Christian nationalist. Christian nationalism has very little to do with Christianity. It is about power, putting white Christians above others. They want to make America a Christian nation; also known as a white Protestant nation. This is in ‘total opposition to why this country began. Religious freedom and self-government are at risk in a Christian nationalist society, and I wonder if any of them have ever opened a Bible.

Sherri Eley



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