Jordan addresses Lincoln Day Dinner

WAPAKONETA — U.S. Rep. Jim Jordan thanked his audience and said the risks that it takes to get involved in politics as a conservative are worth it in a speech Tuesday night.

Jordan made a stop in Wapakoneta to talk at the Auglaize County Republican Party’s Lincoln Day Dinner and shared his thoughts on President Joe Biden as his re-election effort gets underway ahead of this November.

“If we’re not willing to get in the game or, like Teddy Roosevelt said, get in the arena where the action takes place, we can’t save this great country,” Jordan said. “But you guys are all willing to do that.”

Jordan, R-Urbana, did not stray far from Republican talking points, calling out Biden and Democrats for their policies during the pandemic, in the Middle East and on free speech, as well as defending former President Trump from the four criminal indictments he faces.

“This election is serious this year, and the attack on the First Amendment is a huge weaponization of government against ‘we, the people,’” he said after the speech. “We have got to have President (Donald) Trump back in the White House, and I think we’re going to take back the Senate.”

Democrat Tamie Wilson won the nomination to challenge Jordan, styling herself as a moderate who listens to the people.

“Jim Jordan goes against the people 97 percent of the time, and I want people to know that,” she said upon winning the March primary. “I am all about helping people, and he does not care about that.”

Jordan said he is focused on keeping his campaign message simple.

“I always say we make the job too complicated,” he said. “What did you tell the voters you were going to do when you ran? If I get re-elected, we’re going to have to secure the border, we’re going to make sure the new tax cuts stay in place because they expire in January of next year, and we have to get inflation under control and make sure that these agencies are serving the people, not targeting the people.”

Wilson and Jordan are running for Ohio’s 4th congressional district seat.

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