LSO to set the stage for eclipse

LIMA —The Lima Symphony Orchestra is set to finish its season with a special performance.

The orchestra will welcome flutist Erin Torres and saxophonist Michael Torres as featured performers at the Faure and Dvorak show at 7:30 p.m. April 6 at the Veterans Memorial Civic and Convention Center.

“Our main focus of this concert, though, is a world premiere by Evan Williams, an award-winning composer with a degree from Bowling Green State University,” LSO marketing and education coordinator Lydia Butterfield said. “He wrote ‘Mountains upon Mountains, Like Waves upon Waves’ for the Torres Tower Duo.”

The season finale is also set to coincide with the weekend prior to the April 8 total solar eclipse.

Knowing that, the orchestra will perform a related arrangement.

“People will be here wanting to see the eclipse, but also what else Lima has to offer,” Butterfield said. “So because of that, we wanted to pay tribute to the eclipse with this piece called ‘Sinfonia for Orbiting Spheres’ by Missy Mazzoli. This will be a really exciting piece to go along with everyone’s weekend.”

It takes a lot of work to put a show like this into production.

“Evan Williams will be at the concert himself and so the musicians and (director) Andrew Crust will hear direction from him on what he expects for this piece,” Butterfield added. “There’s not as much direction though, because we don’t have any previous recordings due to it being a first-time premiere. So we’re setting the standard for what this piece will be for future orchestras and anyone else who performs it after us.”

The title composers of the show will be front and center.

“We will be performing Faure’s ‘Pavane’ and Dvorak’s ‘Symphony No. 7,’” Butterfield said. “They’re beautiful and we’re going to be bookending the concert around these pieces with some highlights in there, as well.”

The work will not stop after the show, even with it marking the end of the season.

“There is a lot to prepare for with next season and after the show we’ll be starting to think about it,” Butterfield added. “We’ll have subscriptions available for people to purchase after it and we’ll announce what concerts will be expected for next season. It’s really exciting for everyone involved with the Lima Symphony Orchestra and anyone looking forward to our concerts next season.”

For more information on this show or to purchase tickets, visit the LSO website.

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