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2024 Solar Eclipse

Eclipse chasers relish clear skies in Gilboa

GILBOA — Storms in Texas sent amateur photographer Robert Fidler on a last-minute trip to Gilboa in Putnam County.

Eclipse brought people to Allen County Fairgrounds

LIMA — A solar phenomenon led hundreds of people to the Lima/Allen County region Monday.

Traffic picks up after ‘fantastic’ eclipse

LIMA — The moon lived up to its end of the bargain. Now it’s up to drivers leaving the solar eclipse’s path of totality to behave too.

Prime spot to see a special eclipse

LIMA — Things will be lining up for something truly special in northwest Ohio on April 8.

Solar Smash Bash sets stage for eclipse

LIMA — Lima will be totally dark for just under four minutes Monday afternoon, but the Greater Lima Region Park and Amphitheater was anything but at the Solar Smash Bash Saturday afternoon.

How to use apps to track and photograph the total solar eclipse

Monday’s total solar eclipse might become one of the most filmed and photographed events of the year.

David Trinko: Shedding some light on our shared darkness

At about 3:10 p.m. Monday, I suspect most of us will be doing the same thing, together.

Local hotels booked solid for eclipse

LIMA — Hotels and vacation rentals in the path of the April 8 total solar eclipse are set to be completely booked over the weekend and Monday.

DeWine: Emergency operations plan ensures ‘a great day’ for Monday’s eclipse

COLUMBUS — Ohio is pulling out all the stops for Monday’s total solar eclipse, as it braces for potentially hundreds of thousands of visitors.

How an eclipse affects plants and animals

LIMA — Animals and nature react interestingly to phenomena like solar eclipses.

From Krispy Kreme to SunChips, more and more companies roll out total solar eclipse promotions

NEW YORK — More and more businesses are taking advantage of the total solar eclipse set to dim skies across North America on Monday.

Area hospitals prepared for eclipse impact

TROY — With the solar eclipse coming, hospitals in the region are preparing for every possibility as the day grows closer.