Roses and Thorns

Even some mighty winds can’t keep our rose garden from growing.

Rose: To everyone who helped clean up after Friday night’s intense storm. We feel sadness for those who lost property, but we’re also proud of the neighbors who chipped into to help.

Rose: To Jerry Hoersten, of Delphos, whose idea was used in the nationally syndicated cartoon Pluggers. The item scheduled to appear Wednesday included the caption, “You’re a plugger if it takes reading 15 chapters of a book before you realize it’s one you have read before.”

Thorn: To Christine Steinke, the former utility clerk in Wapakoneta, who faces up to 14 years in prison and has agreed to pay $251,635 restitution to the City of Wapakoneta. We’re tired of government employees getting caught with their hands in the cookie jar. The public’s money must be handled better than that, and we have to be able to trust our officials.

Rose: To former Allen County commissioner Alberta Lee and Shawnee Township Trustee Russ Holly. Both served the area with distinction before their deaths this week. Our region is stronger because of your service.

Rose: To James “Eddie” Monfort, who will represent our region at the national Jefferson Awards later this year in New York City. He’s done so much to help keep youth out of trouble and deserves this recognition.

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