Land transfers, March 16-22

The trend of the real estate market in Allen County is shown by the following report, for the week running March 16 through 22. Figures reflect the selling price of the property, along with the address or lot number of same and are courtesy of Allen County Recorder Mona Losh’s Office.


7407 RE, LLC to Blue Chip Housing LLC, 1103 N. Metcalf St., Lima, $105,000

Bad-Dick Promotions, Ltd to Blue Chip Housing LLC, 1519 Allentown Road, Lima, $65,000

Beck, Anthony/Beck, Saunya to Beam, Jennifer/Kresovsky, Mark S, 1502 Oakland Parkway, Lima, $159,000

Beth Rose Private Selling Officer/Mumaw, Christy Et Al/Mumaw, Heath Et Al/Metropolitan Life Insurance Company to WC Investments, LLC, 254 S. Leonard St., Lima, $54,600

Burton, Gerald F Co-Trustee/Burton, Joyce M Co-Trustee/Burton Trust to Hopkins, Alicia, 739 N. Baxter St., Lima, $97,000

Chiles, Tammy L/Chiles, Scott to Smith, Peyton M, 1603 W. Wayne St., Lima, $135,000

Dowell, Andrew/Dowell, Peggy to Johnson, Shirley/Johnson, David, 768 Holly St., Lima, $1,500

Estate Of Kerry G Danner//Thompson, Kathleen Administrator to Archer Investment Company LLC, 810 N. Jefferon St., Lima, $20,000

Good, Joseph M/Good, Ashley Ann to Bales Properties, LLC, 127 S. Dewey Ave., Lima, $105,000

Lause, Janice M Executor/Emily Jane Grothjan Estate to McQueen, Michael C, 307 S. Rosedale Ave., Lima, $125,000

Maxwell, David L/Maxwell, Twila I to Vorhees, Linda L/Kline, Sabrina, 2680 Kimberly Drive, Lima, $228,000

Neth Properties, LLC to Blue Chip Housing LLC, 824 Richie Ave., 574 Hazel Ave., 414 W. Ashton Ave., 122 W. O’Connon Ave., 612 Prospect Ave., 924 Fairview Ave., 1112 N. Main St., 1042 N. Main St., 812 N. Charles St., 1705 W. High St., 403 S. Metcalf St., 339-341 S. Pierce St., 573 S. Pierce St., 712-714 S. Atlantic Ave., 798 Weadock Ave., 654 S. Elizabeth St., 783 S. Elizabeth St., 434 Orena Ave., 437 S. Scott St., 439 S. Scott St., 503 Prospect Ave., 921 Fairview Ave., 935 Fairview Ave. and 938 S. Elizabeth St., Lima, $1,304,000

Private Selling Officer Rick Kigar/Hart, Peggy Et Al to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, 512 S. Baxter St., Lima, $22,000

Stahl, Michael to Midtown Apartments Of Lima, Ltd, 562 W. Spring St., Lima, $83,000


Good, Richard M/Good, Leona/Martin, David L Attorney-In-Fact to Pugin, Carl/Pugin, Jennifer, 4046 Running Oak Trail, Lima, $49,000

Sarchet, Jerry L/Sarchet, Lynn E to Schiffer, Melissa S, 1545 Chancellor Drive, Lima, $275,000

U.S. Bank Trust National Association Owner Trustee/REO Trust 2017-Rpl1/Rushmore Loan Management Services LLC Attorney-In-Fact to Vision 3 Investments, LLC, 141 Paradise Place, Lima, $69,150

Wellman Homes, LLC to Blass RE Assets LLC/KJB Lake Rentals LLC, Hollar Avenue (0.3 acres), Lima, $285,000


Fetter, Joe Clair/Fetter, Anita Ann to Shulaw, Larry D/Shulaw, Teresa K, 7490 Madden Road (0.7 acres), Waynesfield, $130,000

Klesmit, Ronald E/Klesmit, Mende A to Shrader, Joshua T, 5700 S. Phillips Road (2.6 acres), Harrod, $309,900


Robert R Stone Family Limited I to Stephenson, Christopher E/Stephenson, Lori A, South Mumaugh Road (0.4 acres), Lima, $1,400

Sheriff Matthew B Treglia/Latham, James E Decd Et Al to Duvernay, Brian, 1227 Adams St., Lima, $25,100

Stone, Robert R Trustee/Robert R Stone And Kathleen J Stone Revocable Trust to Stephenson, Christopher E/Stephenson, Lori A, 607 S. Mumaugh Road (2 acres), Lima, $273,600

Swallow, Stephen E to Lange, Corie, 1792 Ada Road, Lima, $55,000


Backus, Alaina M to Beining Properties, LLC, 680 E. 7th St., Delphos, $138,000

Lucas Rental Properties, LLC to Lucas, Caleb L, 804 E. Suthoff St., Delphos, $70,000

Warnecke, Joseph L/Warnecke, Sherry R to M&J Martin Enterprises, LLC, 708 E. 3rd St., Delphos, $30,000


Slane, Terry T/Slane, Carol M to BD Sloan Properties, LLC, 110-206 E. Kiracofe Ave. (1.3 acres) and 108 E. Kiracofe Ave., Elida, $250,000


Barrington, Karen K Trustee/Karen K Barrington Living Trust to Clayton, Thomas M/Jenkins, Vanessa V, North Phillips Road (19.9 acres), Harrod, $40,000


Noonan, Russell A to Davisson, Nicholas M/Davisson, Chelsey A, 6325 N. Defiance Trail (2.6 acres), Delphos, $420,000


Reese, Calvin C/Reese, Edith Jean to Tuffli Company Incorporated, 961 Industry Drive, Lima, $1,416,000

Sheriff Matthew B Treglia/Lemke, Christopher M Et Al/Lemke, Latosha Et Al to Clementz, Frank E/Clementz, Catherine A, 5525 St. Johns Road (5 acres), Lima, $242,900


Bush, Brigid A/Bush, Jacob T to Culler, Victoria Trustee/Victoria Culler Living Trust, 2331 Britt Ave., Lima, $259,500

Keith, John P to Blass RE Assets LLC, 3756 McClain Road, Lima, $80,000

Kraft, Kevin N to Sandlin, Shane Douglas, 4153 Susan Lane, Lima, $165,000

Nguyen, Tony V/Nguyen, Carin E to Nguyen, Carin E, 2336 Garden Blvd., Lima, $115,000

Private Selling Officer Rick Kigar/Patterson, Jeremy Et Al/Patterson, Christina N Et Al to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, 1744 W. Breese Road, Lima, $30,000

Victoria Anne, LLC to Holtsberry, Matthew R/Holtsberry, Amanda R, 70 Ravines Court, Lima, $469,900


Fast, April D/Fast, Aaron R to Mueller, Brittany L, 209 E. 4th St., Spencerville, $154,000


Oak Farm, LLC/Crider, Irvin D to Independents Fiber Network, LLC, North West Street (1 acre), Lima, $25,000

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