Celebrating Our Spirit: Local companies produce new ideas

ALLEN COUNTY — Ways of innovation are created throughout culture daily. Locally, companies such as Lima’s Procter & Gamble plant create products for consumers are the world.

The Lima Procter & Gamble Plant opened its doors in 1968. Human Resources Director Andrew Green weighed in on the company.

“We are the largest plant within P&G by volume, which means we produce the most cases throughout the world for P&G,” Green said. “Over 55 years ago we started with Downy then, of course, Tide and heavy-duty liquids. We call it HDL. Then, we brought on liquid fabric enhancers and pods. Then, we brought on a perfume plant. We have had that for about seven or eight years now. The perfume supplies all the perfumes from P&G in northern America.”

Green said the pods were an initiative that was brought in around 10 years ago.

“It was a new product line that we decided to launch,” Green said. “One that uses less water as well, so we are really cautious from a sustainability standpoint as well. It was a need from the market, and P&G here and our sister plant in Louisiana as well.”

During 2020, many businesses across the nation had to shut down. Companies that were considered essential, such as P&G, continued to produce. Green said the manufacturer produced around 15% more than what they expected to produce.

“We are a company that tries to meet the needs of our consumers,” Green said. “Even during COVID, we never shut down. We were an essential business because, of course, people were more conscious about cleaning their clothes and cleaning their house and things like that. Procter & Gamble as a whole tried to meet the needs of the consumers from that standpoint.”

Green also said Lima is a very strategic and critical piece of P&G’s business.

“We produce a lot of cases and we are really critical to the net profits of Procter & Gamble as a whole,” Green said. “The Lima plant year after year continues to deliver savings to the company. We are really proud of that.”

The company is making plans to expand, according to Green.

Fort Amanda Specialities and Randall Bearings are also local companies with new ideas.

According to its website, Randall Bearings is a company located in Lima and Coldwater known for creating custom machine parts. The company had its start in Chicago and moved to Lima in 1949.

Fort Amanda Specialities is a local company that produces ingredients. According to its LinkedIn profile, the company was established in 2004. It creates ingredients for products in hand sanitizers, industrial cleaners and agriculture feed.


Plenty of foods, items and ideas are created right here in the Lima region. Celebrating Our Spirit looks at those organizations that make the area such a vibrant place to live, work and play.

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