Children Services offers paid fellowship to students

ALLEN COUNTY — Allen County Children Services is partnering with Wood County to bring fellowship among students. The organization has begun a new program in Northwest Ohio to pay student workers to be a part of children’s services in several different counties. The hope is to recruit and retain future workers in the field.

Ten counties in the Northwest region of Ohio have agreed to participate. Colleges including Findlay, Tiffin, Ohio State University-Lima and Bowling Green have agreed to partner as well.

Students studying Sociology, Criminal Justice Psychology and similar majors are welcome to apply.

The program will allow 100 hours of paid training over 1-2 semesters.

Allen County Commissioners approved a grant agreement between the Wood County Department of Job and Family Services and the Child Welfare Fellowship Project Consortium at Tuesday’s agenda meeting.

Funding will be funneled through Wood County to pay students for their work in the field.

Child Protective Services Executive Director Sarah Newland weighed in.

“We are one of 10 counties entering into this agreement with them,” said Newland. “We are trying to recruit and retain more children’s services workers at the college level. They have created a fellowship program. It is working in partnership with our Ohio Means Jobs.”

The fellowship will allow college students to fulfill job training requirements and receive experience.

“There is an eligibility part that Joe Patton and his team are willing to do for us which is why they are on the agreement as well,” added Newland. “We have all received reimbursements. Basically, student workers are being recruited at the college level working hand in hand with our staff. They will be paid. All the funding will come straight from the State through Wood County.”

It is set to start in January of 2023. One student from Ohio Northern University was selected to kick off the program.

“We appreciate working with Job and Family Services and in Wood County,” said Allen County Commissioner Brian Winegardner.

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