Landlords, tenants work to bridge gap

LIMA — Bridging a gap is a helpful tool in any relationship. One city council member is making efforts to do just that within his ward.

On Tuesday evening, Sixth Ward Council member Derry Glenn met with local community members to address issues between landlords and tenants. The event was held at the Wingate Hotel in downtown Lima.

The hope was to speak with landlords and address the concerns in the community.

“I have a lot of calls on problems that we have been having,” said Glenn. “How can I help landlords make it better? How can I make it better for the tenants in my ward?”

One way to combat difficulties and miscommunication is through conversation.

Throughout the meeting, landlords discussed their concerns.

Local landlord Paul Curtis shared his experiences as a landlord working with tenants who did not take care of his home and different housing programs in the area.

Amber Basares is a local tenant who previously worked at West Ohio Community Action Partnership. Basares shared how landlords could work with tenants to meet the needs of both parties.

“One thing that works is open communication,” said Basares. “There is a whole generation of people that have boundaries that have gone downward. You have to be honest with your tenants. Explain things to them. We have to fix this as a generation. It is not a one-person problem.”

Toward the end of the meeting, Glenn began to ask about the remedy for the rising issues.

“I can’t stop anyone from putting people out,” said Glenn. “I can’t stop you from doing that but I can say, hey, let’s work together. We are all in this together.”

One landlord, Henry Horn, said the City of Lima could create a grant program for landlords who need assistance in upgrading their properties. Glenn responded by stating those programs are not available but tenants could apply for housing upgrades through Findlay as long as the landlord approved.

Landlords shared their experiences and how they hope to move forward.

Glenn suggested the landlords create an organization to help with said problems and help one another on different projects.

“This is why I brought everyone here tonight,” said Glenn. “Thank you all for coming. It showed that everyone cares.”

Councilor Glenn can be reached at 419-905-9572.

Reach Precious Grundy at 567-242-0351.