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The Lima News feels strongly that the service of veterans living in this area should be recognized. This is why this Salute to Veterans section was created and it continues yet today. This special section honors the many men and women who have served our country in the past or who are currently serving our country.Stories from veterans, told in their own words, are published here along with the photos that they shared.

Chad Spencer: Reflections on youth and sacrifice on Veterans Day


By occupation, I am a high school history teacher and have a deep interest in our nation’s past and present. We are here today and gather in a solemn ceremony to recognize the fallen, those who have given their lives in military service to our nation.

Don Stratton: A gold star for Uncle George


During World War II, I was living with my grandparents in southern Ohio. Hanging in the front window of the house, much like many others at the time, was a small rectangular flag with a red border and a white field. This one had four blue stars in the white field, each star representing a son serving in the military. All four of my grandmother’s sons served overseas.

Military casualties from Allen County


Mexican: Jonathan Fisher, T.A. Hollaway, Charles Long

Facts about Veterans Day


‘Armistice Day’

Bill Moore: A small but mighty group


Thanks to all of our military veterans who have served and preserved our freedoms for this country for over 246 years.

Leslie Kubinski: Serving with pride


There he marched proudly, step after step, rifle at shoulder along the parade route, a man who showed his age but marched with the confidence and heart of youth.

Robert May: Called to serve here


Growing up in the small city of Lima in the 1950s and ‘60s, the May boys — Rusty, Bobby and David — were inspired by the explosive and sometimes gruesome war movies they watched on TV.

Marilyn Montgomery: A life helping others


My husband, Steve Montgomery, was a proud Marine! He enlisted in the service in December 1965 and completed aviation electronics school in Jacksonville, Florida, followed by more electrical training on aircraft while at New River Air Facility at Camp Lejune, N.C. This training on maintenance on helicopters would soon be put to use, as he received orders to be sent overseas and arrived in Vietnam on July 5, 1967.

Roger Schroeder: Those Ohio midwest farmer’s daughters


I was born on tax day in 1950. We lived on a small farm in Columbus Grove, I had a great childhood. At age 18, all men had to register for the draft, I missed the draft lottery by about six months. I always heard the stories about boys going to their mailboxes and finding their draft notices. My heart just fell the day I received mine. I was also learning that there were many ways to avoid the draft, including wealth, politics, family, etc.