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Many businesses and organizations started right here in the Lima region, with the goal of making an impact in the region.

This year’s Celebrating Our Spirit looks at those trailblazers.

Celebrating Our Spirit: Next-generation farming through Rhodes State


LIMA — The combines gather detailed reports at harvest, outlining a field’s variations so farmers know where to plant next season.

Celebrating Our Spirit: Local businesses impact food, packaging industry


LIMA — Whether locally owned or a global corporation, Lima is host to numerous businesses in the food and packaging industry, driving innovation around the world.

Celebrating Our Spirit: Local growers take care of soil, crops


LIMA — Regenerative agriculture is a term unfamiliar to most, but not to local farmer Matt Burkholder. Burkholder grows crops for local companies. He has a goal to not only create healthy crops but retain healthy soil.

Celebrating Our Spirit: Local food products span the globe


LIMA — The ultimate destination of locally manufactured food products will depend on factors such as the target market, the type of product and the distribution channels available in the local area. Food products manufactured locally can end up in a variety of places, depending on the type of product and the target market.

Celebrating Our Spirit: Farms raise animals in spite of challenges


LIMA — The Lima region has no shortage of farmland, but it’s no stranger to raising animals too.

Celebrating Our Spirit: Ag equipment serves farmers nationwide


KALIDA — Agriculture is a bedrock for the regional economy, but those benefits cannot be harvested without the proper equipment. Thankfully for farmers, this region is helping in that area, as well.