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Many businesses and organizations started right here in the Lima region, with the goal of making an impact in the region.

This year’s Celebrating Our Spirit looks at those trailblazers.

Celebrating Our Spirit: Rhodes States combines innovation, technology for health education


LIMA — Rhodes State College in Lima combines technology and innovative thinking to educate students in six different healthcare fields.

Celebrating Our Spirit: No brick? No mortar? No problem


LIMA — From specialty dog biscuits to baby broccoli shoots delivered to your door to ultra low-temperature freezers capable of chilling items to negative-86 Celsius, business owners in the greater Lima region are finding a world of business opportunities exist on the World Wide Web.

Celebrating Our Spirit: Charles River reaches worldwide


SPENCERVILLE — Charles River Laboratories is a global contract research organization that provides preclinical and clinical laboratory services for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries.

Celebrating Our Spirit: Technology education goes long way for Apollo, UNOH students


LIMA — The Lima region is heavy on industry. And in today’s world, that means that places like the University of Northwestern Ohio and Apollo Career Center have to be on the cutting edge of teaching in fields such as robotics and welding.

Celebrating Our Spirit: How local companies impact roadways


LIMA — They’re used daily, and may not be given a second thought until they’re closed or damaged: roadways.

Celebrating Our Spirit: Bringing vehicles to the world


LIMA — The Lima region has a long history of producing cars and other vehicles.

Celebrating Our Spirit: Wapakoneta firm supplies the suppliers


WAPAKONETA — Northwest Ohio is home to myriad companies large and small that produce components for the automotive industry and other vital manufacturing sectors.

Celebrating Our Spirit: Logistics businesses reach out


LIMA —Nelson Manufacturing in Ottawa and Wannemacher Logistics in Lima are businesses that started small but have grown. Both have a wide reach, since they transport goods across different regions and even countries.

Celebrating Our Spirit: Fuel production in the region


LIMA — Fuel is a gem that empowers products such as machines to go. The resource is created around the world and in the backyard of Allen County.

Celebrating Our Spirit: Dealerships ready themselves for electric revolution


LIMA — Tom Ahl remembers the days when a brand-new car sold for $1,799.