Letter: Applause for Elida students; shame for Ohio

Unbelievable. Just as I get ready to hear high praise up on the students and voters in the Elida School district, I see voters in Ohio just sent the great Buckeye state to hell in a handbasket.

Elida students, great job. I applaud your walkout. That’s the traditional courage and guts that have and deserve to be voters. Way to go. You exercised the power of the vote to oust the old liberal guard. No high school girl or any woman should have to endure having an insecure male who is ashamed to be a male to walk into a girls or womens bathroom. Those males need help asap.

I didn’t realize how many potheads, stoners and Bob Marley wannabes live in Ohio. I didn’t know how much the reggae faith is followed here. I’m embarrassed, upset and frankly p.o.-‘ed that Ohio has lowered their standards to legalized pot selling. It’s disgusting. I hope that Lima never gets a dispensary. It makes me sick when I drive into the state up north. Weed signs are located right at the state line.

I’m ashamed of my state. I guess a racing heart rate and the sensation of your eyes getting ready to explode must love that feeling. That’s how it felt back in 1981-82. That’s why I quickly save it up after I emperimented with it. Shame on you Ohio.

Tim Ludwig



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