Letter: Thanks Shawnee Township voters

To the voters of Shawnee Township:

I would like to thank all of the voters in Shawnee Township who have taken the time to vote in this very important election. Whether you voted for me, Dave or John, all of your voices were heard and I assure you that I will work to earn your trust and respect over the next four years.

I also want to thank my wife Tammy, my daughters Abbey and Aryn, my son-in-law Jesse along with all of our family members and numerous friends who gave of their time and talents to help work this campaign. In addition, I would like to thank Mrs. Holly, who embraced my candidacy and inspired me to finish the race for her husband Russ, who died in office this year as our trustee.

Going door-to-door helped me develop a determination to work long and hard hours and meet as many citizens of Shawnee Township as possible. In doing so, I learned the things we all are most interested in: safety services, safe roads, good neighborhoods and a great place to run a business and raise a family. All of these things I want to maintain and improve.

Joe Recker



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