Letter: Johnson column was one-sided

On Sept. 9, I read the article in The Lima News by Dr. Jessica Johnson titled “Hate crimes on an alarming rise.”

Johnson is a lecturer of English at Ohio State Lima. The tone throughout her letter is that black people are in fear, and should be in fear, of being killed by a white person. She mentions how cautious she is and more aware of her surroundings when out and about doing errands or shopping. She goes on to say that many in the African-American community feel the same. It’s sad to see someone with her education be sucked in to believe the media hype of the racial issues of today and not understand that they do it to boost their ratings and sell their product (newspapers, TV).

It’s irresponsible for her to write a very one-sided article in The Lima News. When I see black people in the grocery store, at a football game, getting gas, in their car or anywhere else, I do not see even an ounce of fear in them. Saying they should be looking over their shoulders to see if a white person is going to harm them is ridiculous! Between 1980 and 2008 the U.S. Department of Justice said that 93% of black victims were killed by black offenders and in 2017 the FBI stated it at 88%.

In ending I say this to Jessica Johnson. If you’re going to continue to write in The Lima News, please be more responsible in doing so. I ask that you write positive and truthful articles that are beneficial to society and entertaining to read because we’ve all had enough of the one-sided racial stories the media loves to put out.

Steve Sdao



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Editor’s note: Dr. Jessica Johnson contributes opinion columns to The Lima News.