Letter: August Issue 1: politically driven, ethically challenging

This August special election, promoted by reneging Republicans, has little to do with the November election. Ohio voters have gotten it right for over 100 years. Ask yourself, “Why are Republicans strategizing word usage, tactics and processes for influencing support, if the public genuinely desired this action?” This isn’t authentic protection, but rather, coercive if not deceitful. If not, why try to make Ohio the toughest state for citizens, not legislators, to modify their own state constitution?

All living Ohio governors, except DeWine, along with other prominent political figures strongly oppose Issue 1. Business leaders of Ohio overwhelmingly disapprove of it. Voters even rejected a recent gubernatorial candidate running on the abortion platform. This impacts Ohio voters forever. People, speak up!

Unfortunately, a circle of establishment ORP members value loyalty to lobbyists, special interests and fundraisers over voting Republicans in earnest. Genuine Republican representatives are creating proactive legislation addressing November initiatives. Even Newt Gingrich said, “Sometimes you must tear apart the establishment.”

Churches and clergy, I understand tendencies to support Issue 1 in August. Right to Life lobbyists say so. However, this issue deals with liberties, they themselves may need in the future, being gravely impacted. Then what? August Issue 1 is pure politics.

November’s election is more in their influential sphere: abortion, transgender and parental rights. Numerous misleading ballot language issues, questionable campaign strategies alongside calculatedly manipulating power, disguised behind serious issues of life, abortion, and parental rights, is not ethical to support either. Please, don’t get confused or fooled.

Vote no in August; preventing changes to Ohio citizens’ constitutional rights. Further, vote no on the November ballot issue, being too broad in policy.

Brian Cheney



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