Letter: Too many flaws with the changes

I’ve waited a few times in receiving The Lima News, in its new format, to voice my opinion. I’ve waited long enough.

I’ve found more than a few flaws with your new format. First, you cannot tell me, or other subscribers, that you have more subscribers to the online edition than a hard copy. There’s no way, unless you fudge the numbers, that more people want it electronically.

It has been a long-standing tradition in my home to get a hard copy of the paper, every morning, but now only twice a week.

That’s not all. Obituaries, now we only find out twice a week who passed away. A lot of the time, people rely on the obits to see if family members passed. Now, if they pass away, they have to wait a few days to see it.

The sports section is another section that’s flawed. Many of the sporting events have passed when they are printed with the results. Many high school events happen before, or after, the printings. Even national sporting events don’t get the coverage they once did.

The TV/radio guide doesn’t even get printed right, and most miss them, myself included. Oh yes, you print the TV guide, but it’s not the same.

And what about the carriers? You’ve more or less shafted them by cutting them out of the delivery loop. Not a very good move on your part. Their income is depleted.

You want to make things right? Put the paper back to daily print, or find a company that can afford to print every day. It’s obvious that The Lima News doesn’t care about their subscribers any longer.

Harold Dorsett



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